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When booking a spray tan at HALO, advice will be given on when and how to prepare the skin before the appointment.

On the day of the appointment you will be led to the first floor where there is a specially designed and purpose-built well- ventilated spray tanning room.

The choice of tanning lotion will be made between you and the tanning professional, based on your expectations, requirements and suitability, taking into consideration the time of year, your skin colour and tone, and finished look required. 

After being left to change in the room a choice of disposable underwear and hair caps are available if required. Most people are happy to use their own underwear or swimwear.


When ready, the spray tan will be performed using a warm air machine to provide comfort during the spray tan, and to enable quicker drying before dressing .

Aftercare is explained and a leaflet on how to keep your tan for as long as possible is provided. A range of tan-prolonging products are available to purchase. 

St. Tropez Luxe Oil Mist

Hailed as the 'Supermodel Spray Tan', the most luxurious spray tan yet - for a healthy looking tan with with a luminous glow


St. Tropez Classic

The original formula for a natural looking tan


St. Tropez Tan Express

The latest ultimate tan, and the most revolutionary yet! Lets you decide how dark you want to go by choosing when to shower. The formulation contains fast-acting ingredients that absorb quickly into the skin, intelligent shade technology allows you to select your depth of colour. For all shades of light sunkissed glow, golden-bronze, and deep darker tan.


White To Brown Spray Tan

Includes a pot of pre-scrub! 8.5% DHA provides a light sunkissed tan, 10% DHA provides a medium natural tan, and 12.5% DHA provides a rich deep tan


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White To Brown pre-scrub is also available to purchase from the salon to prepare the skin, and aftercare products are available to prolong the spray tan.



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